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Carol Marie's Home Fragrance



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A transcendent blend of earthy frankincense and myrrh, delicately balanced with the vibrant essence of orange and the warmth of clove.  Infused with the sweet serenity of vanilla, this candle is a meditative masterpiece, designed to accompany your moments of mindfulness and inner peace.

Made with:

  • Cotton Lead-free wicks
  • Virgin Coconut soy wax
  • Phthalate free fragrance oils

Care Instructions

How to get the most out of your candle!

  • Trim wicks 1/4 of an inch before each burn
  • Burn for 4 hours minimum
  • Burn candle on a level surface
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets


Each candle is hand crafted and poured in small batches. Slight imperfections such as slightly off centered labels or tiny markings on outside of jar do not impact the quality of the candle.


We will have products shipped out within 2-3 buisness days.

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