Get to Know Us

We are a mother/daughter team with a passion for clean burning candles.  What started out as a fun little activity for us to do together, quickly turned into friends and family asking for them. That is when we decided to take the next step and turn our hobby into a business.

Our candles are made of a virgin coconut soy wax with a very small amount of food grade paraffin.  While there are so many fragrance oils out on the market, we are very diligent in making sure we only use oils that are phthalate free.  Our wicks are made of cotton which allows for a much cleaner burn. 

When creating our scents, we incorporated different elements to recreate a sense of nostalgia. While each scent is unique in their fragrances, we wanted to continue this with the name of our business. Carol Marie is my late mother-in-law who we wanted to honor throughout the creative process.   

As we like to say with each candle, “A memory is sparked with every flicker of a flame”. 



  • Being Transparent

    We value communicating the elements that go into our products.

  • Quality

    We continue to produce products of quality that we trust to give to our family and friends

  • Improvement

    Nothing is ever perfect. We value our consumers feedback and satisfaction.